Headbands Galore!!!

2 Sep

So, I mentioned that I had an issue with head bands and that some are just not…”age appropriate”.  I am 27 years young which is i no way ‘old’ however, I’m far from being a teenager and feel as though some headbands just don’t work on everybody!  My other issue is that…my hair is BIG and will eat up a headband in a heart beat so all of those, feathery, skinny headbands…I’ve either broken or try it on and….”ooops, where’d it go”?

Example 1:   Cute if your niece, daughter or son made it for you however…don’t wear this out if you are over age 10!

Example 2: 

These are cute the first few times you wear them and then…you stretch it a little too far (or it was bending too far the whole time) and BAM…it’s broken.  However, I will recycle something that is broken in a second, use a hot glue gun or super glue the broken piece to a bobby pin or a small clip…and it’s still wearable!

Example 3: 

So soft and easy…and will stretch to the size of your boyfriend’s big ol’ head after too many uses!

So the key here is: YES wear those cute headband accessories BUT, plan on buying plenty more because they probably won’t last too long.  At least you’ll be able to keep everyone guessing with your new headbands! (Don’t forget if you’re in a bind…just broke your headband, stretched out your other headband & are already late for work…a shoe lace tied around twice is always cute & easy! OR make your own out of old pantyhose or old brastraps!)

Check out some of these great look & price:

  Decree® Multi Purple Feather Headband

Happy headband hunting!!!

*♥ that alliteration; S/O UVA English ’06*


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One Response to “Headbands Galore!!!”

  1. Lisa September 3, 2011 at 1:04 AM #

    Good tips…. I’m eyeing #2 in the first pic…I want that to be mine.

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