Peanut Butter Ice Cream…This Is NOT A Hair Post But It’s So Delicious !

6 Sep

Easy Homemade Ice Cream without a Machine

So, if you know me…you know I love, love, LOVE food and especially ice cream (it was my 1st word as a baby…strange I know.)  I had been thinking about peanut butter ice cream for the past week and looked up a few recipes, I don’t have an ice cream maker though.  So, I asked a few people had they had it before & where can I get it some of this deliciousness (that I had never tried…).  My friend Sallie said she used to just use vanilla ice cream & a scoop of peanut butter and stir it together really well…..oh my goodness! It tastes like a cold Reese’s Cup! I know they have their own ice cream too but if you happen to have some vanilla ice cream in the freezer try this out and see if you like it!  I also, stumbled up this awesome, going to make me fat one day website with great ice cream recipe ideas…ENJOY! Kevin & Amanda’s Recipes

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