Flexi-rod set day 4 & 5 style

15 Sep

Day 4 of the same flexi-rod set:

I pinned back the front and used Fantasia IC Gel & water & EVOO mix to smooth down the sides.

Day 5 flexi rod set:


I pinned back the sides a bit further using clips (makes it feel more secure to me) & some bobby pins. Again smoothed down the sides with water & EVOO mix & Fantasia IC Gel. Added a slight bump in the front.

This style looks similar to when I do the single strand twists just around my finger using water & fantasia IC Gel, however because I don’t usually get all the way to the root when I do those (if Im rushing, usually) then it definitely doesn’t lat a week.  So, I guess that’s a plus for using flexi-rods, the style will usually last longer.

Day 7 flexi rod set style to come…

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