“…the Politics of Free Hair” Response

19 Sep

So I read this article over the weekend by: Chocolate Hair Vanilla Care: a blog by a Caucasian mom that talks about her natural hair care for her adopted African-American daughter (she’s soooo cute by the way!)  Anyhoo, in her article, “A Vanilla Perspective on the Politics of Free Hair”, she talks about the challenges & comments she  receives when her daughter wears her hair in its “free state” afro, natural, just out.  (She has another post showing how she did her daughter’s hair for “Afro Independence Day” (I never heard of it either…lol) check Boo out )

 After reading the 1st article though I thought it was impressive & very important that this mom is taking the steps to make sure her daughter embraces her hair in any/every style she wears it.  What is really great is that she’s starting this with her at such a young age.  It’s hard being a kid as it is, then add-on being African-American, wearing natural hair, being adopted…most kids just want to play & have fun with their friends, they’re not thinking about all of this other mess but can still be hurt by the nasty words of so-called friends.

From my own experience I’ve heard all kind of negative names about my hair from when I was a child “horse hair, coffee beans, cotton, sponge, blacky-locks, mop…” the list goes on, but as a kid I don’t think I realized the lingering effects this had on me & my thoughts about my own hair.  Even now, I usually don’t wear my hair “out, in an afro/its natural state” I’m still, even at age 27, not used to wearing it that way because it’s so big, different and people aren’t used to it looking that way.  I really don’t want to deal with anyone’s comments, crazy looks or any nonsense because my response may not be so nice.  So, here’s my pledge: I will love my natural hair through the good & bad days, nice or not-so-nice comments and will continue to rock it day in & day out!

I believe this is an important and very ‘real’ topic amongst African-American women and it probably has deeper roots than just the surface that I have touched here. So share your thoughts or comments too, I have so much more to say about this but it will have to be said over many posts…

(I hate & love this video at the same time…lol. I get what they’re trying to do but….idk, smh.)

Happy Monday! 

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