Alternatives to the LYE, Safe OR Not So Much…?

22 Sep

I came across this article recently “Brazilian Blowout is Dangerous, FDA Says”.  The article states, “contain ‘dangerous levels’ of formaldehyde, in spite of its label claim to be ‘Formaldehyde Free.’ ”

“…chemicals that can cause cancer.”

Have you looked at some of the uses of formaldehyde…disinfectant, embalming agent….I’m done. Take a look at the article and you can make up your own mind on this Brazilian Blowout.

I had an “Express Blowout” (I have no idea what exactly that is besides it was supposed to straighten your hair without chemicals; I should have asked more questions) done at a salon once when…they didn’t know what to do with my hair (I won’t say where I went but it was a fancy salon & spa and I was the only one in there with hair like mine…I had a gift card to the place).

Anyhow, I was still in my transitioning phase and she used a bunch of stuff that I didn’t know but I remember the blow dryer and a roller brush going through my hair for what seemed like an hour and the heat kept burning my ears & scalp.  My hair was blowing in the wind afterwards though! LOL.

But seriously, Formaldehyde, cancer causing agents, stuff that can kill you…I’m not down for any of that and if you’ve read my natural hair story you’ll see that this is exactly why I stopped getting relaxers in the 1st place.  We use these chemicals, products, methods, tools on our head and don’t realize what the lasting/adverse effects may be.  I am the type of person where you don’t have to tell me a bunch of times don’t touch the iron because it’s hot…if I see or hear about someone else doing it with bad effects…then IM OUT. It is not for me and I don’t need anymore convincing.

However, I would say to everyone as a word of caution, if you do need more  convincing, then please DO YOUR RESEARCH and see if these things are true or false.

Have you had the Brazilian Blowout, Dominican Blowout, Keratin Straightening system, Mizani straightening system (I have a story on that Mizani product too, my hair was straight but goodness was I scared when I had to wash my hair about 10 times for it to be curly again!) ?

Check out this article on Eco Styler Gel and their findings after researching the ingredients: Natural Is…Informed: A Look at Eco Styler Gel

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