“Side Eye Moments” Reaction Part I

7 Oct

I saw this post on curlynikki.com and thought it was pretty fun and SOOOO common:

“Side Eye Moments”

Skinny Kenny goes on to explain 1 of his own “side eye moments” (moment when someone gives you an underhanded compliment or just disses your hair to your face on the sly like its ok…):


“I was at a very nice restaurant for my mother’s birthday. I got up to go to the bathroom and an older white woman stopped me and told me how much she loved my hair. She told me how much I looked like “little Richard”, and asked if I was a singer. The conversation was going well and I was about to go about my way. And then she said, “Ohh and we are ready to order now, I’ll have the lamb and she’ll have the salmon.” *SIDE EYE* You are going to have some… go somewhere with that mess. My hair doesn’t make me a server for you.”

LOL, how is this lady gonna compliment him and then straight take it back as she assumes he’s her waiter…..?! Too funny.  I had a conversation with a kid today about my hair (mind you, kids say WHATEVER they want to because they’re just innocent little kids right…NOT!)

I took out my 2 strand flat twists that were in the front all week that I had been wearing like a head band and pinned them to one side, while the back of my hair was in the same wash & go style I had worn all week. So, granted I was a bit “un-confident” in my hair because it was a little different than usual for me & I knew my wash & go wasn’t too fresh. So the little girl, who’s sweet as pie usually I promise, she tells me:

Little Girl: “You look different from the last time I saw you.  Your hair was tied back last time now it’s just soooo curly. Did you want your hair to look like that?”

Me: “wait, what do you mean ‘do I want it to look like that’?”

Little Girl: “Did you want it to look like that? I’m  just asking?”

Me: “Well is it messed up? Yea, I meant for it to look like this, girl we bout to go to the bathroom and fix it! LOL”

The little girl is a sweetheart I just wasn’t expecting her to say that. Yes, I get my hair tips from 5 year olds LOL.

What underhanded/sideways hair compliments have you gotten? (Is it even still called a compliment if they just take right back from you, lol?)

My hair today 10/7/11:

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3 Responses to ““Side Eye Moments” Reaction Part I”

  1. sassystephb October 8, 2011 at 6:21 PM #

    I was at school and A lady said that she loved my hair style. she then says “i wish i could do that, but my hair is too soft” O_o What does that me? I can do a twist out cause i got a brillo pad on my head? FOH! My hair is SOFT too. lol

    • mrsashb October 8, 2011 at 8:36 PM #

      People are a trip right? LOL! If you can’t give a genuine compliment then just keep ’em to yaself please, that’s what we need to tell them!


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