“Side Eye Moments” Reaction Part II

8 Oct

“Side Eye Moments” Reaction Part I.

So the discussion is still going strong on the lovely Book of Faces in the Natural Hair group (if you’re not a member already, 28,622 naturalistas and counting, then you need to be!)

It was said by Dominique Garnett “Hahaha this thread is epic!” and it is because we hear this random nonsense ALL THE TIME! (P.S. I’m sooooo glad that it’s not just me that gets these backhand/underhand/ridiculous/unreal compliments…like its okay to just say this craziness to people!)

My list of the  TOP 5 comments so far:

5: Alfreda D. Ray “I could never wear my hair out like that Id be ashamed, but see you got that good hair.” ummmm HUH!

4: Sistah Rexy ‎”Your dreads are really nice. They don’t even stink!” To which a less tactful me would respond: “Thanks! By the way the hair you have left looks great with a perm!”

3: Natika Finley Allornothing i told y’all. in the middle of making whoopie ”yeah baby….your hair is sooooo STRONG!!!!!!!!! ROAR…….YANK!!!! WTH???????????

2: Jo Holcomb ‎”You’re so brave for wearing your hair like that! The natural look suits your face very well” smh

1: Stephanie Richmond When my mom asks, “Sooo, when are u gonna DO your hair.” Um its already DONE

There are soooo many other hilarious comments too.

What other craziness have they told you about how “your natural hair is great but…..” and what’s your response?

Sometimes you just have to laugh and walk away. The worst is when you don’t even realize that they really just played you & your natural hair until after you’ve left the situation and you wish you had said something in rebuttle!!! AWWW the madness! LOL!

Weigh in on the discussion on the Facebook Natural Hair Group! 🙂

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