Pain, Stench & The Sounds Of Our Hair…ahhh the memories!

14 Oct


My husband and I were talking about this in the car, (shout out to *Peaches* still running strong since ’03)

  • He said, “…you know you got a good shape up when there are scabs around your head the next day.” “That’s a good one right there, look I’m bleeding!”

LOL!  Why do guys really come out of the barber shop with a scab shape up like that’s cute…smh.  Barbers, I know you have to have sharp blades in your clippers, but not razor blades!  Ease up on the forcefulness when you cut please.

  • I said, “…I remember being scared of the sound and feeling the grease popping on my scalp.  Or feeling the heat from the hot comb near my ear when getting my hair straightened.”

Why did they torture us like this?!? Grease popping on your head like you’re in a frying pan.  The utter fear that you wouldn’t be able to keep still long enough to not get burned on your ears by the hot comb!  Hair time was epic in our household; my brother and dad would always leave the house when it was time to do hair because they knew it was going to be an ordeal!  Tender headed, crying, momma’s arms too tired to finish blow drying…it was all just a big mess sometimes.

  • My friend Imhotep confessed, “I don’t like the way perms smell, especially in the club.”

LOL, I died laughing at this because I know exactly what he means.  You got a fresh perm the day before a party and the next night at the “sweat box” a.k.a. party, you’re dancing  a little too hard and then you start to smell that Lye in the air…those chemicals and “ooo I better not sweat my perm out, I just got this done yesterday!!!”. LOL, goodness, that stuff used to run my life! And don’t let the creamy crack drip down your forehead…lol. OR you run your fingers through your ‘bone-straight’ relaxed hair and stop at a speed bump, “is that a scab on my scalp?!” Yep, burned again…smh.

Ronnie remembers, “…getting my nappy hair combed with the smallest, fine tooth comb ever before church on Sunday. No water, no conditioner, no detangler, just dry naps poppin’ & breaking all the teeth off that fine tooth comb.”

Our parents just did the same things their parents did with their hair…they did’t know any better.

So, the next time you walk past that salon and smell those awful chemicals, see that broken down, 2 teeth left in that teeny tiny black comb and only 1 tooth left on the comb from your blow-dryer.  Or you’re next to that girl in the club with the white dripping down her neck and you see ol’ boy scoping you out from across the way with his scabby shape-up…remember the times and laugh in the joy of the freedom of your natural hair!  Be glad that you may have been there and definitely, “done that” and are now free from the LYE! 🙂

Ahhh the memories!

What memories do you have from “hair time” growing up?


IDHHC Update: Doing well with moisturizing each night & sealing ends, drinking water, exercise, still have the 2 strands in. Still need to get more fruits & veggies though; gotta get groceries this weekend (or ‘make groceries’ as we say back at home; lol!) LATER!
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