“It’s Been A Long Time, We Shouldn’t Have Left You, Without A Dope Beat to Step To…”

3 Nov

Hola 24sevencurls family! Oh how I’ve missed you & the natural hair online world! I’ve been away for a bit busy with just life but…I’m back and I’ve got a few things to share with you!

I. I Declare Healthy Hair Challenge Update…oh boy, I’ll be honest.

II. Nov. 19th event 7pm-9pm at Bliss Elements Salon & Spa

III. Natural Hair friends & family influence

IV. Protective style & new accessory


I. I Declare Healthy Hair Challenge Update:

I’ve read that it takes 14 days to develop a habit…however maybe we can bend the rules a bit 🙂 .  I started the challenge on October 10th to maintain protective styles, eat healthy, drink 8 cups of water/day, exercising at least 30 minutes 3-5 times/week and a lot of other simple rules (guidelines here) and I’ve been doing…OK with this whole thing. Hopefully, this weekend I can find time to do an official protective style, 2 strand twists that will last me a while.  I’ve been doing well with drinking plenty of water, taking my vitamins, pre-pooing with this lovely coconut oil from my sis-in-law (I don’t know where she got it but I NEED to get some more!) However, the things I need to work on…EXERCISE! You know there’s an app for squats, push-ups & sit-ups  on android phones…(there’s an app for pretty much anything now). Anyhoo, I’ve been somewhat using these apps as a daily exercise routine…*old track teammates don’t judge me* but the DAILY aspect is what I have to get together! lol. I’ll do it, for real, maybe get back on my P90X 😐 no, no, seriously! 🙂

II. Nov. 19th event 7pm-9pm at Bliss Elements Salon & Spa

The Delaware Naturalistas are hosting an event on Nov. 19th at Bliss Elements Salon & Spa (heard rave reviews about this salon). Promo & Tickets:

Join us on Saturday, November 19, 2011 from 7:00 – 9:00 p.m. at Bliss Elements Salon & Spa as we enjoy two-hours of natural hair styling, demonstration and education.   This fabulous event is brought to you by deNaturalistas and Bliss Elements Salon & Spa in conjunction with the I Declare Healthy Hair Challenge.

I’ve never actually been to a natural hair event so this will be my first.  I’m so glad that I’ve connected with this Delaware group because I was beginning to think that I’d have to travel to Philly or MD for anything natural hair, but little Delaware is creepin’ on a come up.

III. Natural Hair friends & family influence

Ever since I decided to forego using relaxers I never thought about the domino effect or influence this decision may have on my friends and family.  I found out maybe a year after I stopped using relaxers that my mom (hey ma!) stopped using relaxers too! She flat irons her hair because she likes to wear it straight but it looks just like mine when that water hits it!

Mom, Jonalyn & me shopping!

Also, my sis-in-law Lisa is “natural hair stalking” the web now and she even got her hair cut at Bliss Elements and wants to go to the event this month! 🙂 I’m excited! AND Lisa always has random new hair stuff in her bathroom (you know I peep in that cabinet every time I come over…) trying to see what I haven’t tried out yet that I can scoop from you (‘ppreciate it!)  Lastly, my mother-in-law, Bernice, I hear that she MAY be thinking about going natural too! I haven’t heard this directly from her but from her relaxer & washing stylist, my dad-in-law (oh yes ladies, he does it all  just for her, relaxes & washes her hair since 1978).  Bernice has had long beautiful hair ever since I’ve known her and she’s old school too uses grease and rollers each night, then puts her hair in a scarf.  Her hair would be SOOOO gorgeous in its natural state (it’s wavy when its wet even with the relaxer…my hair NEVER did that). So, I’ll keep giving her the good word on this natural hair experience.  To all my friends that have encouraged me, expressed how I’ve helped them and have been following my natural hair journey since the “random hair deal” facebook album…THANK YOU & YOU ARE AN INSPIRATION TOO!

IV. Protective style & new accessory

Here’s a look at a random protective style I came up with from just messing around with my hair.
1. with wet hair (washed, conditioned & leave-in conditioner) part hair into 3 sections across.
2. do 1 big flat twist across the 1st front section and pin on top of head
3. do about 10-15 medium-sized 2 strand twists in the 2nd section of hair
4. place the 3rd (back section) in a bun on top of head for a little more fullness
5. place 2nd section of 2 strand twists over bun
I wore this for maybe 3 days and then took the flat twist out of the 1st section of hair  and pinned it behind the bun to wear to an event:

What have I missed? How’s your IDHHC going? Have you found any new hair accessories that you just LOVE???!!! 

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2 Responses to ““It’s Been A Long Time, We Shouldn’t Have Left You, Without A Dope Beat to Step To…””

  1. Lisa November 3, 2011 at 9:35 PM #

    Amazon girl! I get everything from Amazon 🙂 Though I’ve heard they have coconut oil at whole foods too. That blue flower is fantastic!

    • mrsashb November 4, 2011 at 10:12 AM #

      Amazon does have everything huh! Thanks! 🙂

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