BGLH The Men of Awkward Black Girl Interview

15 Nov

It’s crazy to have such an incredibly funny & easy-to-relate to internet/YouTube series that airs once a MONTH but its fan base waits in anticipation for the show each month (that’s a long time!); the series is just THAT GOOD! 🙂

Check Black Girl Long Hair’s interview with the men of Awkward Black Girl:

Part 1 with “Darius/Baby voice” Tristen Winger & “A” Andrew Allan James

Part 2 with “Fred” Madison Shockley III & “White Jay” Lyman Johnson












Some of the Cast


1. “You all fit your roles so perfectly! Can you give us some insight into the casting and character development?”

T: “Darius was described in the script as “Quiet Office Guy” who spoke in a soft, quiet, baby voice. When I read that about my character I immediately thought about Michael Jackson’s speaking voice which was very soft and angelic… Like baby hair in audio form. ”

2. “Describe your ideal girl.”

A: “Rhianna

3. “One of the reasons we love J is that her hair is natural. Are you feeling natural hair?”

T: “Whether or not it makes it into the storyline, J is actually my type of woman; she daydreams about performing dance routines from movies, slapping the tar outta rude ass supervisors, and is an aspiring rapper. Who could wish for anything more? I definitely adore J’s choice to rock the short, natural hair. I feel it requires a ton of confidence for a woman to wear her hair short and I love a confident woman. As long as she’s confident and comfortable, we’re good.”

M: “I’m definitely feeling natural hair, always have. I think black women with natural hair exude a sense of self confidence and individualism that’s really sexy. Instead of trying to conform to a mainstream standard of beauty by using chemicals and weaves, natural haired women embrace the attributes of their hair with styles that make them look beautiful and often unique.”

4. “Are you anything like your ABG character in real life? Do you draw anything from your real life experiences to play your characters?”

L: “Am I awkward? No. “Awkward” these days seems to mean you’re not only clumsy, but also a bit neurotic. I might be a terrible dancer, but I have enough good sense not to lose any sleep over it, or worse, decide to stop dancing because of it.”


Next Episode Premieres 11/7/11!!!

The Misadventures of Awkward Black GirlAwkward Black Girl



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One Response to “BGLH The Men of Awkward Black Girl Interview”

  1. curlanon November 20, 2011 at 5:38 PM #

    LOL!! “Like baby hair in audio form.” I love the Awkward Black Girl series a lot! I am happy to hear the actors appreciate natural hair. I love what he said about naturals exuding confidence and individualism. That’s JUST how I feel since I’ve been wearing my hair big and curly! 🙂

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