2 weeks, 1 day…

14 Apr

It’s been 2 weeks & 1 day since I’ve had my hair straightened and I’m still stretching my time with  this style. But ooooo I can’t wait to wash it! You know how that first wash feels when you’ve waited a while & you finally get to get some good scratching & feel the water go through your scalp?!?! Lol, anyhoo, today was the 1st time I needed to dig up my flat iron from under the sink to touch up a few pieces that the humidity had made frizzy. So, it’s in rollers tonight since I flat ironed some today & we’ll see how it comes out for church in the morning! (I think I can hold off on washing for a few more days though, gotta wear light colors to avoid the flakes being seen! I can’t believe I just wrote that…lol, but you know what I’m talking about, don’t even try to lie like it hasn’t happened to you or you must have seen someone with flakes on their shoulder…so gross, it always seems strait hair wants to lay the best when it’s the dirtiest…weird.)

P.s. peep the Delaware Naturalista’s Natural hair event going on tomorrow: https://naturallyredefined.eventbrite.com/


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