2 Strand Twists w/a TWIST!

21 Aug

Heyyyy 24sevencurls  world!  I have been working and relaxing, waiting patiently for this baby to come! I did get a chance to do my hair on Sunday though and wanted to share what I did!

Of course it’s 2 strand twists (I do them a lot because they can last me for a while, at least a week or sometimes two!).  So here’s what I did:

  1. On freshly washed, & conditioned hair (I’m still contemplating doing the curly girl method and not using shampoo any longer…doing my research still…) I parted my hair in 3 sections vertically.
  2. I knew I wanted a mo-hawk type of effect so on the sides I did 4, 2 strand flat twists & did a bantu knot on the ends (I re-wet the section I was twisting w/a spray bottle of water & EVOO, added a little shea butter & Fantasia IC Gel for hold on the edges) (Next time I might make thinner sections for the flat twists to make it look a little neater…)
  3. For the middle I did semi-mini 2 strand twists (re-wet section w/water/EVOO, shea butter & a little Fantasia IC Gel for hold). When I do 2 strand twists, I always have to use a clip to hold the start of the twist together so that it will stay (the  part that is closest to my scalp is where I’ll put the flat clip so the hair doesn’t get poofy at the beginning of the twist). 
  4. I put the twists on medium rollers & sat under a hooded dryer on low for about an hour, then put my scarf over my head to let it dry more overnight (you know my hair takes FOR LIFE to fully dry!)

Here is how it turned out!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


Today I twisted some of the mini twists from the middle section together and made a few messy buns because a few of the rollers didn’t hold last night BUT it’s all good, still looks nice to me AND my hair is off of my neck today which is always a good thing. Anyhoo, hope you like it and will try the style for yourself!


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