Oldie But Goodie!

24 Aug

A friend of mine tried out naptural85’s Summer Fun Curly Fro tutorial and hers turned out so well that I decided to try it too. Of course I had to modify it a bit bc I usually just have a day to do my hair & I can’t get away with a scarf at work in the office too well soooo I had to try & speed up my drying time. Because my hair is so thick, air drying doesn’t always work too well unless I have at least a full day & night to allow it to dry. So, I may use a diffuser or sit under the hooded dryer to speed up the drying time.

My sis-in-law made me some flax seed gel to use & I really liked it! It goes on smoother than the Fantasia IC gel that I usually use. The only challenge is that I didn’t get to use it all before I think it went bad (it smelled funny in the fridge…lol).

So, I used flax seed gel on freshly washed hair, followed the tutorial video below & sat w/it under the hooded dryer for about an hour, and slept in a scarf overnight. In the morning….it was still a little wet so I diffused it some to wear it like this:

P.S. My FAV part of the tutorial was something that I had never even thought of doing before but will do all the time now, she put a scarf around the front of her hair to hold it down while she manipulated the rest of her hair & that worked wonders because the front of my hair doesn’t always do what the rest of my hair does and I end up pinning the front back later, so why not start with it that way?! Genius!


I tried it again the next week but did more of a bantu knot than the pin curl & it turned out like this:

I think if I were to let it fully dry & did the pin curls it’d turn out similar to hers but it still will just define whatever your natural curl pattern is.

Check out her tutorial video here:




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One Response to “Oldie But Goodie!”

  1. loveamika August 24, 2012 at 3:53 PM #

    O we lover her YouTube videos!

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