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Fried, DYED and Laid to the Side! (not really…)

6 Nov

Hey you, how have you been!?

24sevencurls has been 24sevenBUSY!!! But that’s ok, I am here now and I tried something new on my hair…COLOR!!!

I read a post from: BGLH: Two Ways to Do Safe, Wash-Out Hair Color ; and decided to try it for myself!

The hair chalk wasn’t the look I was going for, but the cream eye shadow was appealing. However, I had some random brand of left over eye shadow (years ago a girl at a kiosk in the mall made up my face and it was TERRIBLE, she ended up crying and gave me a free eye shadow *SCORE*) that with water added I thought might do the trick. So, I tried that first and it looked OK, but not really what I wanted. I also needed to re-twist my hair that night. Needless to say, by the morning this eye shadow was completely out of my hair already.

1st attempt pics: ImageImage

So, I got the Maybelline 24 hour tattoo cream eye shadow in Fierce & Tangy and another in Pomegranate Punk. Mixed them together in a bowl and applied to the front of my hair and here is how it turned out:

2nd attempt pics (day 1): Image

This was somewhat the look I was going for and it lasted quite a while. It does come off on your fingers when you touch it (keep a paper towel nearby so you don’t mess up your clothes) but I think it’s an easy, affordable and HEALTHY way to add temporary color to my hair. When I try it again I think I’ll use just the Pomegranate Punk and see how I like that.

Pick out some colors and change up your hair for a new look!

BTW, my twist outs have been fabulous lately! I went back to using just, shea butter, water and EVOO; set my hair in 10-12 twists and the twist out is SOOO defined for several days! Why did I ever stop doing this…?!?! Who knows; have fun playing in your hair today!

Day 4 color/twist out pics: ImageImageImageImage

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