By: Aran Ploshansky 2010

My Hair Journey- In the Beginning…


Both of my parents are African-American and part Native American somewhere down the line.  I was born with soft, curly, thick hair that turned into thicker, soft, tighter curls after a few years.  My mom and I went through many days of half-way blow dried hair because “mommy’s  arms are tired” & numerous broken combs, brushes & teeth from the blow dryer or hot comb.  Needless to say, at age 5 due to me agonizing over “time to do your hair Ashley”, my hair being extremely thick & down to my waist, mom put in a…duhn duhn duhn… relaxer.  Thus beginning the end of my waist length, pretty hair.

What To Do With All Of This Hair…

We had the hardest time trying to find a good hair stylist (the looks they would give me when I walked in the door would make you want to run the opposite way; we’ll get into that another day though).  So, I went through the usual relaxer every 3-4 months usually done on my entire head even to the ends (which is never good in the long run), using a ton of grease on my scalp or anywhere that needed it: Blue Magic, Dark & Lovely, Castor Oil…you name it mom tried it out on my hair.  And the #1 thing she would tell me NOT to do…”don’t get your hair wet!” Because that meant we’d have to go through the whole drying & straightening process again.

Relaxers, Dyes & MORE RELAXERS…

As I started doing my own hair I had the bright idea to use “Super” perms because “that will get it bone straight”. Then I had the even brighter idea to use 2 super perms at once because “I keep running out of just one box & can’t relax all of this long/thick hair”. Needless to say, instead of getting my hair cut, by 11th grade my hair had cut itself 😦 to about shoulder length & we didn’t know why.

T & F 4 LIFE!


I ran track for 8 years through high school & college going through the same track hair ritual (have you ever seen those gorgeous track female athletes & notice that most of them have braids, weave or tracks in their hair…?) : get a relaxer go to track practice, sweat my hair out, go to my dorm & straighten my hair so that I can go to the party & sweat my hair out AGAIN…sleep Zzzz, wake up & repeat. I used blow dryers, flat irons & curling irons on my hair multiple times a day, everyday for YEARS. *smh*

August 25th, 2007

\”I\’d Rather be With You\” by Bootsy Collins

You know I got a fresh relaxer for my wedding day, because it had to be looking right! After I got married Aug. 25th, 2007 I got another perm in November 2007, waited 4 months before considering getting a perm, felt like I didn’t really need one, waited another month…my husband heard on the radio Michael Baisden show about a dark green film that was found under the scalps of dead African American women that had gotten relaxers in the hair for years.  I didn’t need to hear anything else because I didn’t know what that green stuff was but I knew I didn’t want it and it had already been 5 months since I had a relaxer so I decided to “go natural”.



Transitioning was A LOT of trial & error.  I didn’t know what products to use or what styles to wear so I kept trying to do the same styles I used to by straightening my hair which I couldn’t get quite that straight anymore.  I would get frustrated when I would try to do a style and you could definitely see where my curly new growth began and the relaxed pieces stuck straight out and wouldn’t do A THING.




So in August 2008 I cut off the rest of the permed pieces and have been full steam ahead on staying far far away from relaxers ever since. I wish I would have stopped being a slave to the straight hair a loooong time ago but, those times make me appreciate being natural now even more.  I love my hair, its different curls, its versatility and I hope to inspire others to love their natural hair too.  Thanks for reading! Enjoy!


By: Aran Ploshansky 2010


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  1. mane man October 5, 2011 at 10:48 PM #

    Good stuff…glad to see your site around!

    • mrsashb October 5, 2011 at 11:32 PM #

      Thank you! I like yours too!


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