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Corinne Bailey Rae on Curlynikki.com

4 Oct

If you didn’t get a chance to read this article yesterday on Curlynikki.com take a look at Corinne Bailey Rae the sultry singer & sassy natural hair DIVA!!

Corinne Bailey Rae – “I wanted to Start a natural Hair Site!”


Oooooo and maybe I’m late but Corinne did a remake of the CLASSIC Prince song, “I Wanna be Your Lover”
Girl you better go head and recognize the musical genius that IS Prince! lol


My fav points:

“So when I went to University, I had this natural hair style- like a tiny afro, really, really short hair- and I’d always wear jeans and a leather jacket and everyone thought I was a Black Panther.”

“What I do now is wash it, put the conditioner in and detangle it with a big paddle brush which takes 40 minutes… it takes a while. I do it from the ends to the roots and then I put it in 4 or so plaits– I plait the front section and then one in the crown and two at the sides. I leave that for a day or a day and a half…. it has to be a day where you’re just hanging out at home. When I take them down, it’s in those loose kinks from the plaits, but it’s still a bit wet, so then my natural curl kind of comes back in a bit and it’s a combination between those kind of kinks and my normal curls. That’s my staple style.”

“Obviously eating well and drinking water helps. It’s also a myth that Afro hair can’t grow long and it can. You just have to give it time, plus it’s growing in a spiral and it’s takes a bit to show length.”

“I really like that website Lecoil. I think she has some really good pictures on there and it’s really inspiring as well. The thing I found most depressing about that Chris Rock documentary Good Hair was that lawyer. She had this very beautiful afro and the other black girls were like, ‘I think your hair is cute and all but when you become a lawyer no one is going to take you seriously because of your hair’, and she was like, ‘yeah I know I’m going to have to change it when I become a lawyer’. So, so sad. So the thing I love about Lecoil is that when you click on a picture, you find that this person is the CEO of a company, or a journalist, or the creator of a website! I think it’s really important to show more and more people in influential positions that just let their hair be.”

“But you know what, I have stages where I just put Vaseline in my hair if it’s dry. I put the Vaseline in it and comb it through. I remember after using it for a while, I went to my hairdresser and she said, ‘your hair is in really good condition, what have you been using?’ and I told her! She couldn’t believe it. I like to put essential oil in it and it gives it a really nice smell. It’s cheap and I think that’s a myth… that you have to use really expensive products and you don’t. You can add stuff like Olive Oil, Almond oil or things you just find in the health food store to help expensive products last longer. Experiment is what I say. What works for one person may not work for you.”


LOVE her hair & this article! What’s your fav Corinne Bailey Rae song?

My new fav is this Prince remake, “I Wanna Be Your Lover”!  and her song “Closer”

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