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10 Sep
Thank you all to those that have consistently been returning to this blog.  I’m glad that we are learning together and can support one another!
My hair yesterday:

 Thanks Lynn for the flexi rods! (I will elaborate on my Flexi Rod experience in another post)

In an effort to learn more & be connected with the natural hair world, I dialed in to a conference call hosted by: Pi Nappa Kappa Natural Hair Sorority & Fraternity

Let me tell you…I was SO surprised at the energy, inspiration & overall positive/encouraging environment that surrounds this group!  There were over 200 people on the call and about 6 or 7 different speakers that gave brief information on what they do and essential hair tips.  I was freaking out when Kimberly Gray was explaining how she started her blog  & hair site from a ‘small hair album on facebook’, I did the same exact thing so I knew from that confirmation that this was a good thing.

Top 3 things learned (and can implement today):

1. Moisture, moisture, moisture: water is the best moisturizer for our hair and we need more of it inside & out. Be sure to drink enough water daily (recommended 8 glasses a day) and keep a small water bottle mixed with EVOO (mainly water, 1/3 extra virgin olive oil) in our purse to re-moisturize during the day if needed.

2. Good oils/butters to use: EVOO, Jojoba oil, almond oil, Shea Butter, Almond butter

3. Healthy eating is key for growth!

Check out the notes I took during the call and click on some of the links for more information. I will be doing more research with these sites and will get you posted with what I find! Enjoy!

Notes from Pi Nappa Kappa Conference Call 9/8/11:

-Don’t comb/brush hair daily. A pick mimics our 4 fingers, finger comb to detangle. For growth use protective styles, supplemental eating, healthy eating, massage scalp at night. For growth have to be able to keep ends on.

-Good vitamins to take, make sure we have enough of: vitamin e, niacin, b6, b 12, vit c

-Malaka Cooper from Baltimore: stylist, locs.  For growth use: chlorophyll supplements are good for the blood, get plenty sleep between the hours of 3-4 am (this is the time the body restores blood). Keep locs clean be careful where u lay your head, petroleum products are magnets for dust, lint.

-Kimberley skin care: benzonite clay (natural mineral, can use as food grade & drink) good for oily skin, not harsh, abosrbs oil at slower rate, works w/body not agaisnt it.  Jojoba oil & aloe vera together are good for dry skin. Valana Minerals

-Kimberly Gray Journey to my roots: -went natural started blog & hair site from a small facebook album of her natural hair pics. Does scientific research to find evidence or basis of why things are good or bad for our hair. Best thing to do is educate yourself on what to do for your hair. We should be able to turn a bottle around & look at the ingredients & know what will work in hair or know what to shy away from/be aware of (1st 4 ingredients most important/most potent in product).  Tips: -sulphate shampoo cleansing power strips hair sodium lauryl dries bhair, parabens preservatives (natural preservatives = honey, tea tree oil. Mineral oil is the worst product for our hair; it’s cheap & sit on hair preventing it from allowing moisture in; use natural alternatives = shea butter, glycerin.  Key= education &  moisture. Water only real moisture, seal in w/oil, butter find youtube site & blog.

-Ann with Nugro: Product for hair growth moisturizer spray w/jojoba oil. Nugrohairproducts.com  Facebook: Nu-Gro Will be exhibiting at 1st natl meetup

-Isis, Erykah Badu’s hair stylist- went to jail to braid hair for women as ministry. Key points: Water, aloe vera, olive oil, almond oil. Healing through the hair. Watch what u eat, hair needs constant supply of minerals.  Everything we put in comes out of our skin biggest organ. Dairy, animal based protein, sugars bad. Water based product line. If earth created it we should feel free to use it, if we use it on our hair we shld be able to ingest it. Doing workshop on loc tightening w/o a tool to keep hair follicle safe at the National Meetup in December

-Jamesha Bazemore natural hair care for children fb page. Check Cosmeticdatabase.com for product information/ingredients of different products Good items to use: Aloe butter, sheabutter. Tips: To detangle use fingers w/water & conditioner. No comb. Ijnaturalhair.com  Ebnbhair

-Malaka’s workshop at event: ‘I’m natural, now what’- reintroduction to our kinks

-National meetup info: National Hair, Health & Beauty Showcase Dec. 10 & 11 in Houston, TX Click info, Pi Nappa Kappa

Twitter: pinappakappa

Facebook: Natural Hair Sorority & Fraternity

Soror call: naa-ti!

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