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Surgeon general wrong, black women’s hair not cause of obesity – Chicago Sun-Times

14 Sep






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Surgeon general wrong, black women’s hair not cause of obesity – Chicago Sun-Times.

Take a look at this article that speaks of the correspondence between a black woman’s workout regimen and her hair.  Essentially, the surgeon general had accused black women of being overweight because they don’t want to sweat out their hair.

The article later goes on to give other reasons that may contribute to why black women don’t work out:

Yes, there are women whose self-esteem is tied up in their hairstyle, but a lot of women in low- to moderate-income neighborhoods don’t exercise regularly for a variety of reasons, including being unable to afford the high cost of a health club membership.

Additionally, when innocent people are being gunned down in the street, what makes anyone think it is safe for black women to bike, jog or even walk in their neighborhoods?”

I know I’ve stated (in my post track days) ‘…well, I just did my hair so I’m not running today because I don’t want to sweat it out.’  Which essentially is an excuse not to workout, but there are ways to do our hair that will help eliminate the ‘sweating it out’ constantly.  Overall, my health is more important to me than my hair, I could die if I’m not healthy, but I’m probably not going to die if my hair isn’t ‘done’.  This was a big issue/hassle to deal with when I ran track in high school & college, which lead to me finally going natural.  I feel my hair would have retained it’s length if I had been natural during my track & field days because I wouldn’t have to constantly put heat on it from sweating out my permed hair at track practice/meets.  Now, with natural hair depending on what style I have my hair in, it’s not a big deal if I sweat it out because I can easily wash it & hair dry or do a protective style.

In response to the 2nd section of the article insinuating the unaffordable costs of gym memberships & violent neighborhoods…I let got of my gym membership to save some money (it’s probably been a year now) BUT, they did have Financial Programs to help those to be able to afford the membership & the new thing is the $10 membership to Planet Fitness…who can’t afford $10? Currently, I workout from home (inside my home), it takes a lot of discipline & no, I don’t ALWAYS do it but, it’s a workout regardless.  We have to quit with the excuses, this article is a mess.  The all encompassing idea here should be this statement:

Changing the black female obesity rate requires more than a new hairstyle. It requires a change in lifestyle.”

We need to be more concerned with our health & make that lifestyle change not just for ourselves but for our families. Take the extra time to touch-up your hair, wrap it up when you work out, workout in your home, make a plan & commit to doing it & if you fall off…commit again & again, get the $10 membership, or just ask if there are programs to help families financially at your gym etc; whatever you have to do to… JUST BE HEALTHY!

Am I bugging? Thoughts?

P.S. What about all the black women that DO workout…have you seen a track team lately? Tell me who the majority of the people are out there…? just saying.

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