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Flexi-Rods Trial 1

13 Sep

SO, my friend Lynn gave me her flexi-rods (merci beaucoup LB!) and I tried them out to see what my results would be…!  I used, 100% Shea butter & Fantasia IC Gel on damp hair that I sprayed with a water & EVOO mix.  Starting with the back of my neck, I worked my way up to the front of my hair in 4 sections.

I sat under a hooded dryer for…around 2 hours (my hair takes for LIFE to dry).  ***The hardest part*** I slept with a scarf over the rods & could not figure out a way to lay my head down, LOL.  It was a mess, so I tried to bend the ends in towards my head so it would be flatter and I could lay down.

After taking the rods out, following the technique I saw from this YouTube video:

These were my results:

After separating:

Day 2:


1. I haven’t had to do my hair again and this is day 5 ! 🙂

2. I received a TON of compliments on my hair & questions on how I did it (confirmation from random people that your hair looks nice is always a good thing).

3. Definitely would like to try larger sizes to see how that comes out (I’ve heard the gray ones are nice & give a larger curl).

4. I get the same effect from doing a straw set (with the pink & yellow size rods), but…with this I use less rods (more hair fits on each rod as opposed to less hair fitting on each straw…straw set takes longer to do).


1. I couldn’t lay down with them on…I probably should have folded them in closer to my head to prevent this.

2. My roots for the most part were flat…but not fully, however that could be because I didn’t put them all in correctly or tight enough.

Overall: I like my results, today it’s a bit frizzy & the roots are definitely going back to their natural fluffy state, but I’m working with it, may have to pin it up a bit to divert the puffiness from showing! (Next trial = gray flexi-rods or CurlFormers!)

Post your own flexi-rod results or comments on flexi-rods!

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