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Self-Esteem. Self-Worth. Pride. Strength. Awareness.

12 Sep

Self-Esteem. Self-Worth. Pride. Strength. Awareness.

I saw this video on another blog: KinkyKurlyQueen

Description from YouTube: Essence China brings to you, HAIR PEACE. An original spoken word written by Essence & starring Essence. HAIR PEACE comes as not just education, it serves an anthem for natural haired women and men everywhere. This spoken word speaks to the simple fact: That loving your natural hair, is an essential part in loving yourself, and going against the norm that a euro-centric society has created for us as African Americans. HAIR PEACE is about loving yourself, and being at PEACE with who you are. This video was cultivated, directed and edited by Shanice ‘ Malakai’ Johnson. www.cargocollective.com/shanicejohnson For more information: Twitter: @rarebraids rarebraids.com Disclaimer: We are not affiliated with any brands or trademarked images filmed within this video.

My Response:

I like how she talks about the pride & beauty that we MUST indulge in with rocking our natural hair, because it’s not commonly worn by the majority of our culture due to the media, growing up in our homes doing our hair the way that it’s always been done (hot combs, relaxers anything to lay it down) and even in the church (her 1st lady of the church reference).  In our attempts to ‘fit-in’ we forget to educate ourselves on what our hair NEEDS, “…her God-given hair hasn’t seen daylight, water or nutrients in weeks”.  I also, like how she talks about the traumatic pitfalls associated with repeated use of chemicals, hair glue, loss of hair etc these things don’t help build our self-esteem/image of self-worth and being a minority it can be difficult enough to love every part of yourself when you don’t always see others like you getting love in the media, in your schools, in your community.  My motto is always, “to each his/her own” you can wear your hair any way you like to, who am I to tell you to change, all I can do is share my experience and for me…natural hair is the way to be.  Love it and love yourself.  🙂

What are your thoughts on the video?

Quote Worthy:

“…in bondage to the wig & a cap.”
“…eternally, internally reflecting a chemically processed mind.”
“…brainwashing done made its home in the church, with the 1st lady.”
“…God given hair hasn’t seen daylight, water or nutrients in weeks.”
“…do she truly love she or is she loving deception?”
“…if the wig fit wear it.”
“…that lie on your hair can’t handle the truth.”
“…you’re welcome to return to your false sense of beauty supply.”
” HAIR PEACE is about loving yourself, and being at PEACE with who you are.”

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