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The BIG Twist OUT…

9 May




This was my theme music when I took the twists out because I think I left them in too long and it was all rainy…my hair decided to pay me back for leaving ’em in for so long and it just wanted to be puffy!

“gotta deal with you, gotta deal wit ya!” (p.s. I love old soul music if you didn’t know) “I don’t know karate but I know ka-razy!” -King of Soul James Brown

Puffy twist out (it wasn’t so bad, just not what I usually want it to look like):


Sooooo, since I wasn’t too thrilled w/all this puffy hair, I decided to do more sections (8 in the back instead of 4) and flat twist them. I also used the same product again:

So here’s what I did and here’s what I came out with…


So, the key to getting the twist out that I like on my hair is to do more sections, use enough product (something with decent hold), don’t wet the hair too much when twisting, make sure it’s fully dry before I take the twists out or that it hasn’t gotten “wet/humid” again since the original twists and as always… “if at first you don’t succeed, dust yourself off and try again!” 🙂