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“…And I’m fine under cloud 9”

12 Oct

My friend Tiffany posted this video and lyrics by DonnieCloud 9” [” ‘Donnie- Cloud 9’ aka the lyrics to my favorite natural hair song ever 🙂 ” -Tiffany]

I knew the song right away before listening to it because I had this song on my desktop computer back in college in 2002…I had Donnie’s whole cd & can sing every word of the song to you but I NEVER even thought about the lyrics being about natural hair until just now…talk about believing the LYE, that stuff had clogged up my brain or something…smh!

Enjoy! 🙂

We live from the head down and not the feet up
And I’m adorned with the crown that’s making this up
And I’m fine under cloud 9

Yes I wear the lamb’s wool, the feet of burned brass
And the wool defies gravity like the nature of a gas
And I’m fine under cloud 9

Twist my cloud and it rain
And when it rains it pours
And the energy will absorb
Power for the metaphysical one

Happy to be nappy, I’m black and I’m proud
That I have been chosen to wear the conscious cloud
And I’m fine under cloud 9

I could be a chameleon and wear it bone straight
But it’s so much stronger when it’s in its natural state
And I’m fine under cloud 9

I’m fine under MY cloud 9 too (pics from September ’11)! 

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What other songs do you know that support natural hair?

***I Declare Healthy Hair Challenge day 3 update***

Still going strong! Drank all of my water today…64 oz total (filled my bottle up twice), took my vitamins, moisturized, protected/sealed hair , still rockin’ the 2 strands. Things to work on: more fruits & veggies, need to get my workout in tonight (at least 30 minutes, thats cake, I’m hyping myself up to do it so I don’t get lazy!) LATER!

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