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FUN Labor Day Weekend!

6 Sep

Hope you ALL enjoyed this nice little break for Labor Day (I think we forget what Labor Day is for…I did).  I hung out with some old UVA friends and had a great time.  These are two of my friends, Morgan & Lynn and YES they have beautiful hair & have done a TON of different things with their hair.

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Ash, Morgan, Lynn

Currently, Lynn has all natural hair and straightens her hair because that works better for her. She’s more of a 4b/4c hair type.  Lynn was the go-to person in college if you wanted braids, cornrows, micros, relaxers or pretty much anything done to your hair, Lynn could do it (and have you sign a waiver saying that she’s not responsible for anything that happens to your hair during the process…cover your back LB!).  Morgan has a relaxer in her hair and just got this new cute hair cut which is very versatile, she’s more of a 4b hair type too.  You will be hearing more from my buddies & their hair!  Also, Lynn gave me some rods to try out on my hair since she doesn’t use them anymore, so you’ll be seeing those soon!  How was your holiday weekend?!?! When’s the next holiday…Thanksgiving?!…too far away…smh. LATER!

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